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2022 04 30 -> Deutsche Post Germany - Individualized Commemorative Stamp issue - Abdication and Coronation. In total 11 of these sheets were produced with 10 self-adhesive stamps depicting both monarchs at the centre of the Court Ball ceremony. Each stamp is valid German postage of 70 Euro Cents, which is sufficient for a domestic postcard.
The few remaining sheets are available for 17 Euros plus postage. If you are interested, please contact me at



2022 04 30 -> Commemorative Stamp issue - Abdication and Coronation. The issue is available as perforate miniature sheet (40 Danish Kroner), as imperforate miniature sheet (50 Danish Kroner) and as commemorative postcard with first day postmark and the signature of both the abdicated former King Leo III as well as his Queen Carina (50 Danish Kroner).
To order please contact the Kingdom of Elleore's General Postal Directorate at address

King Finn I

2022 04 30 -> A historical date for the Kingdom of Elleore! HM King Leo III abdicated. At the same event, the successor to the throne was crowned king of Elleore.
The new monarch chose as royal name "King Finn I".

2022 March -> A new website - - is online, listing my philatelic brochures and handbooks. Apart from the Kingdom of Elleore, a number of other unrecognized countries are covered.


2021 03 13 -> A new era coming soon: At the Court Ball, HM King Leo III announced his intention to abdicate.
At the same occasion, the successor to the throne was proclaimed in the presence of the surprised Elleorian people.

Coin for 75th Anniversary

2019 08 31 -> Coin issue - 2 Leo d'Or. On the occasion of the Kingdom of Elleore's 75th anniversary on 27 August 2019, Elleores Rigsbank, the kingdom's national bank, issued a coin of 38 mm diameter. It is denominated as 1+1 Leo d'Or.

Sunsets on Elleore

2017 11 17 -> Commemorative Stamp issue - Sunsets on Elleore. The issue is also available as First Day Cover from: address

Christmas labels 2017

2017 11 17 -> Christmas labels 2017 - two different sheets. These are the last Christmas labels issued by the Kingdom of Elleore! They - as well as most previous issues - are available from: address

Christmas labels 2016

2016 11 11 -> Christmas labels 2016 - two different sheets. They are available from: address

Christmas labels 2015

2015 11 16 -> Christmas labels 2015 - two different sheets. They are available from: address

Consular labels 2014

2014 12 06 -> Four Commemorative labels for Elleore's Consulate for Lower Saxony and Hagenbeck Zoo. They are exclusively for consular use and therefore unavailable for purchase.

Commemorative labels 2014

2014 11 21 -> Three Commemorative label issue - General Postal Directorate, Onkel Plum, Elleore's Great Coat of Arms. They are available from: address

Christmas labels 2014

2014 11 17 -> Christmas labels 2014 - two different sheets. They are available from: address

70 years Kingdom of Elleore

2014 08 27 -> Commemorative Stamp issue - 70 Years Kingdom of Elleore. The issue is also available as First Day Cover from: address

2014 08 23 -> Elleore celebrates 70 years with a gala reception and ball in Copenhagen.

11 years of King Leo III and Queen Carina

2014 03 09 -> Commemorative Stamp issue - 11 years Reign of King Leo III and Queen Carina. The issue is also available as First Day Cover from: address

LCA 50 Years

2014 03 09 -> Commemorative Stamp issue - 50 Years of "Land Cadet Academy". The stamps come in 4 colours and depict the LCA logo. The issue is available perforate, imperforate and as a First Day Cover from: address
2013 11 17 -> Two sheets of Christmas labels issued for 2013. The self-adhesive labels depict the same personalities as the recent banknote series. The issue is available from: address
2013 11 04 -> Catalogue of Coins and Banknotes has been updated to include the new sets of 2012 and 2013. These sets are available from the national bank director -
2013 02 22 -> King Leo III & Queen Carina celebrate 10 years on the "Smiling Throne" of Elleore. Congratulations!
2012 11 11 -> Elleore's 51st Christmas label issue. The A4-sized sheet - see here - shows stamp graphics from all previous 50 years - available from: address
2012 06 21 -> Greve Chevreuil dies. Alan was the third General Postal Director of Elleore. As an accomplished historian he published many books, researched the origins of the legend of the monks in Ireland and organized an excellent exhibition about Elleore in Jyllinge Fjordmuseum in 1996. A most sympathetic and gentle man is no longer with us.
2012 03 24 -> book cover Book on Royal Gobelins: A new, full-colour book is now available, describing in detail on 40 pages the first 8 Royal Tapestries and how they were designed and created. For price and details contact the author at
2012 03 24 -> Elleore Court Ball at Kildegaard Privatskole - The Royal Couple - Court Ball card in memory of the Grandduke
2011 12 31 -> Grandduke Aneschiold-Damsöe of Kajsnude to Amitsoq Lehn dies. The Kindom loses a most influential personality, the second General Postal Director, the first Prime Minister ever and indispensible in his youth work at school.
2011 11 11 -> New stamp issue "Art of the Instant" - new Christmas label issue - new Christmas label jubilee issue - all available from : address
2011 04 09 -> Court Ball of Elleore and new Stamp issue,celebrating General Postal Directors past and present, including the 1000th postage stamp since 1947  - available from : address
2010 July edition -> My latest article about Elleore in 'Cinderella Philatelist'
2010 08 01 -> Visit on Elleore - photo1 (tent city Maglelille) - photo 2 (Royal birthday banquet)
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