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Since its establishment, Elleore has been a kingdom by election. This means that there is no hereditary Royal line of succession. Instead, if a monarch abdicates the throne or dies in office, the Council of the Realm (i. e. the Societas Findani) elect a new regent. Each new monarch has to sign a strict coronation charter. This ensures that the Council retains the ultimate power in the Kingdom.

King Erik I (1945 - 1949)

King Erik I

On 17 February 1945, Erik I was elected King of Elleore. He was given the surname ‘The Tall’. Erik chose as his motto ‘Let us help one another’. He also initiated the Spanish-inspired cry ‘Ellé’. On 12 February 1949, Erik I abdicated, as he took up a post as advisor to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Erik died in 1968 at a very old age.

King Leo I (1949 - 1960)

King Leo I

After a short Interregnum, Leo I took office as successor on 28 August 1949. His surname ‘The Little’ refers only to his height, as his spirit was anything but. Leo was a founder member of ‘The Immortals’ and presided over them for many years. His motto was ‘Seriousness and Merriment’. On 31 August 1960 Leo I died while in office. 

King Erik II (1961 - 1972)

King Erik II  Queen Lillian

A Governing Council took over until 29 April 1961, when Erik II was crowned, known as ‘The Splendid’. As he was the first married monarch, Elleore also gained its first queen consort, Queen Lillian ‘The Happy’. Erik chose ‘Trust in small Things’ as his optimistic motto. On 19 February 1972 he abdicated and died in 1986 at the age of 67.

There was, however, an interesting intermezzo. On 5 October 1961, during a bloodless coup d’etat, 2-year-old Princess Henriette was Queen of Elleore from 10.17 pm to 11.11. pm. In the meantime, the deposed king negotiated his reinstatement with the 'plotters'.

King Leo II (1972 - 1986)

King Leo II   Queen Pelle

On the day of King Erik II’s abdication, Leo II was crowned his successor. He was known as ‘The Popular’ and used the motto ‘Hope to the Sea’. He and his Queen Pelle were very much inclined to maritime matters during their reign, so Elleore acquired the first Royal Yacht. Leo II abdicated on 22 February 1986 after a very popular term of office.

King OS (1st October 1984, 6.11 pm until midnight)

King OS  

Again there was a memorable incident during the reign of Leo II. On 1 October 1984, Ole Silau, Grandduke of Kajsnude, was proclaimed King from 6.11 pm to midnight. This magnificent gesture expressed the respect and the gratitude of the kingdom towards its elder statesman on his 50th birthday.

Queen Leodora (1986 - 2003)

Queen Leodora  

Queen Leodora, the first ruling Queen of Elleore, was crowned on the same day. Known as ‘The Virtuous’, she chose the motto ‘Always with both feet on the ground’. After a very successful reign, Leodora abdicated on 22 February 2003.

King Leo III (2003 - 2022)

King Leo III & Queen Carina

Queen Leodora was succeeded on the same day by Leo III. The motto of his reign is ‘With Lion and People for the Kingdom’. He and his wife Queen Carina have always been very accessible and inspirational throughout their reign. After a record 19 years on the violet throne, Leo III abdicated on 30 April 2022.

King Finn I (since 2022)

King Finn I

King Leo III and Queen Carina were succeeded on the same day by King Finn I. The motto of his reign is ‘The Adventure never ends’.

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